Would you like to enjoy dinner with a large group?

For example, with a staff association, sports team or just a select group of friends or family?

It is also possible to choose from our more complex menus.
Prices from € 15.50 to € 40.50.

Group menu

Menu Flora € 18,00

Soup of the day / Salad 


Fried pork steak Served with stroganoff sauce


Bavaroise cake Served with whipped cream

Menu Toucan € 19,50

Soup of the day


Beef bourguignon beef tenderloin
slowly cooked in red wine sauce


A parfait of honey and cinnamon

Menu Barones € 21,50

Smoked salmon cocktail
served with onions, mixed lettuce with honey mustard dressing

Rib-eye steak
Served with spicy pepper sauce


Dame blanche
Vanilla ice-cream served with a warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Menu Prince € 29,00

Smoked fish trio,
composed of salmon, trout and mackerel served with horseradish


Meat trio composed
of pate, carpaccio and Italian thinly sliced ham served with truffle mayonaise

Lamb rack
with honey and dragon served with potato pie


Crooked baked Lady Sole
served with a remoulade sauce

Grand Dessert 

Menu Deluxe € 37,50



Salmon bonbon
filled with spicy cream cheese, onion slices and salad


Carpaccio bomb filled with rucola, sun-dried tomatoes and truffle mayonaise


Richly filled bisque d'homard


Creamy spinach soup with mozzarella


Linquini vongole
served with a giant shrimp


Picanha steak served
with a Chimichurri sauce
Tournedos and beef steak

Luxe Grand dessert
Coffee or tea