Do you want to eat with a large group of guests?

For example, with a bus company, staff association, sports club or just with a select group of friends or family?

Then you can choose from our composite dinner buffets (from 20 adults)

Dinner buffet

Dinner buffet 1 € 24,50 p.p.

You will be welcomed with a soup of the house.

(which will be served at the table)


You can find the following cold dishes on the buffet:

- Oriental noodle salad served with basil cilantro, green beans , chopped onions and diced tomatoes.

- Salad of beetroot with potatoes, crème fraiche and spring onions

- Smoked Norwegian salmon with cucumber ribbons, red onion , capers and dill

- Greek feta cheese salad served with olives, tomatoes, pine nuts and fennel strips

- Meat Salad consisting of roast beef, ham and Parma ham

- Celery Salad, celery laid in vinegar, served with raisins, sugar and tangerine segments

At the buffet you will find the following hot dishes:

- Spicy pasta consisting of peppers, spring onions, zucchini, dill and fresh garlic

- Tenderloin slices in curry, accompanied with red chili peppers, ginger, onion, tomato and coconut milk

- Fish stew with various fish steamed in a white wine sauce

- Spicy chicken with sesame and ginger

- Delicious stir fried vegetables with various herbs

- Baked potatoes in the oven served with sea salt and rosemary


The above is accompanied with:

Freshly baked breads

Butter and herb butter

Various homemade sauces and dressings


To finish coffee and tea will be served