Sustainable Procurement Policy

Inside Hotel Princeville Breda, we pursue a sustainable procurement policy which will stimulate the market regarding a more innovative and sustainable approach to procurement. We do this by choosing consciously for every purchase we make, by examining the entire product life cycle from start to finish and by examining the possibility of fair-trade, certified organic and/or local products. When the choices involve purchasing products, we take the impact on the environment and humanity into account. Subsequently, we observe every product and service individually, this establishing our choice of supplier based on what is best for our surroundings and the environment.

CSR Policy

As part of our CSR policy, which is to make our environment into a healthier and better residential- and employment area, we strive to purchase products and materials that are either certified with an environmental label, or fair-trade, recyclable, bio-certified, energy efficient or region specific. We try to limit our waste as much as possible, by using compostable material and by separating several waste fractions. We select our suppliers based on whether or not they deliver durable goods and/or products. Furthermore, we ensure that we make our product orders as large as possible, so that they can be ordered all at once. Subsequently, the supplier only has to visit our address just once to deliver the order.

Our goal is to map our guidelines in such a way that they stimulate the purchase of sustainable products and services, without compromising the performances of our company. For the purchase of products we base our decisions on long-term savings instead of savings on short-term. We recognize that waste can be reduced by choosing reusable products and compostable and recyclable materials. By buying organic products we contribute to the creation of a pesticide free world, and through the purchase of local products, we strive to reduce the CO2 emission caused by transportation. To support this initiative, our company -as integral part of the procurement process- will ask our suppliers to create awareness towards Hotel Princeville whenever an alternative product is introduced that is fair-trade or eco-certified.


Once a year we examine what can be ordered for the upcoming year and what new products have been developed and placed on the market. Furthermore, we look into our acquisitions from the previous year, and what we could improve regarding our procurement policy.

Responsible are:

- Purchasing Manager Restaurant
- Chef
- Hotel Manager, Director
- Green team

Purchasing Guidelines for the coming year ( 2014 )
• Selecting environmentally friendly and socially responsible F & B products
• Reducing the use of environmentally harmful substances such as in :
• Environmentally friendly paints with European Ecolabel , Environment label , NF environment or natural paints
• Soap in the soap dispensers ( public toilets )
• Limitation by means of packaging; minimizing mono packages in meats, cheese , yogurt , granola , cereal , biscuits and tea biscuits
• If not possible concerning hygiene , recyclable packaging
• Give preference to local suppliers , vendors who deliver durable goods or suppliers with whom a sustainability declaration is signed . Determine a fixed delivery day , order as much as possible from 1 supplier .
• Sustainable building materials to be used during construction and / or renovation

• Ensure less harmful production by purchasing more environmentally friendly paper with an eco-label , such as the European Ecolabel , Nordic Swan or Blaue Engel , FSC or PEFC, provided that they are ECF / TCF certified.
• Minimising waste by separating waste fractions ( paper , cardboard, glass , KGA , cartridges and toners )
• Implement energy saving measures by buying energy efficient lighting such as LED lights (unlike halogen and incandescent ) . Energy-efficient equipment will also be purchased with an A-label.
• When purchasing new equipment we will give preference to energy-efficient and water-saving equipment.
* When speaking of less environmentally harmful products or socially responsible products , products are defined with recognized certifications such as EKO , European organic label , Label Rouge , Fair trade , ‘Max Havelaar’ , UTZ , Rainforest Alliance , MSC ( Marine Stewardship Council ) , USDA Organic , Soil Association , krav , Bio - guarantee label , Bio - Siegel , Demeter , European Ecolabel , Biologique (AB) This also includes also local products .